Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Mental Fuck Affair

My Mental Fuck Affair 
In my mind is simply a wonderful mental fuck affair between me and you
I imagine all the sexual things that I would want you to do
I picture you and I in a crazy sex escapade so damn great that my pussy seems unable to bare the sensations that it takes…
As I close my eyes….. I picture you being inside of me, that I get all creamy inside while thinking of you ….my PUSSY… oww…. ahhh! Weeeee! Ahhmm!
Hmmm… This pussy of mines is wildly open.. that while stroking this pussy lips of mine I get all in different motions..
I feel my fingers in and out going so intensely insane… I need it.. You.. Your DICK that fuckable hard Real shit..

I know its feenin for you and so am I , this kitty is on a mission of getting itself properly pleased up tonight with a variety of positions….
Yes, Shit, yes….  I can’t control it, it feels so fucking intense…  I want it
It’s time to put in work… get on top and ride… that DICK … Yess …baby shit!
Ahhhh! I know this wet pussy feels good to you.. owww… you trying to make me cum so soon hmmmmm owwwwwwwww…

But I gotta make you pay… by having you look me deep in the eyes and tell me how good is it ahhh hummmm…. You know it’s great
I tell you to keep fucking me … Oww baby don’t stop holding me… I play inside you …..while contracting my pussy muscles, controlling it… especially when I know you wanna CUM too.

But I won’t let you…  CUM yet… the tables about to get turned..I’m let this pussy ride YOU… till you can’t take it any more… better yet… make you cum first then I CUM next and then lick off my PUSSY juices off your dick..  It will simply be a nice FUCK attack ….hmmm I know you like that!

So I am now real deep inside of you , CUM for me, CUM for me, Cum for me,,,,, you finally stream out ALL your CUM too and I rush out to you…. Time to have all you’re CUM in my mouth …. Hmmm I know you enjoyed that…..  But I am not done yet… I am not drained out enough yet…MY TURN TO CUM….

Get that DICK ready for me to ride you….. to a point  of no control… OWW baby I am back on top… I tell you to hold my waist…OWWW you feel so FUCKING GOOD… pushing that dick so hard inside of me YES,YES! Baby, keep fucking me, fuck me, fuck me, damn…. I am bout to cum Yesssssssss! All on your dick… ah hmmm.Yessssssssss, Shittttttttttt! Whew.. Felt so good.. ( It’s Yum Time)
Time for me to lick my juices off your DICK, yum,slurp, yum slurp, lick … up and down…ummm yummmm.. I know I was a beast

But…Damn this was all just me mentally fucking you …. What a mental thought! I hope this becomes a reality too…. Hmmm till then we shall see then!  Cause now I’m currently Seeking to really FUCK with you! To be continued……. (Mentally in my Dreams)

By: Poetic_Butterfly

© C.P 06/2014


O (TheWriter) said...

Wow, now I have an erection & in need of some of that mental satisfaction. Nice poem. It has my mind going. You've done it again Miss Poetic Butterfly. *reachhing for my lotion*

E. Harrison said...

Speechless and not to mention hard as hell. I felt you were speaking to me and no one else... so caught up in the moment was I. If this is a Mental Fuck in your mind, I can only imagine how reality would play itself out. Were this on paper, it would burn baby burn!!

1ManView said...

Again you come back with heat. This was sexy, naughty and visually hot... This has my mind going, and since I need to write a poem for tomorrow, I Think i will just have some foreplay with this. Hope you don't mind... :)

peace and love

Don said...

Hey Christa. Good to see you in a poetic mood...

I read this prose at least 3 times...I wanted to get the full effect of everything you've emphasized here. And I feel you. At the end of the day, great sex is still the best thing going. Based on how hard my dick got reading this, I'd say you understand what it means to enjoy great sex.

"while contracting my pussy muscles, controlling it…"


Kemet King said...

Absolutely incredible! Every word was a crystal clear image and I could literally feel the passion, the connection and the eagerness to please and be pleased!

Amazing on so many levels Queen!

Brandon LaBeaux said...

Word. Very vivid story telling

Fred Johnson said...

This I read this while at work, and it just WOW. This will definitely keep me distracted for the rest for the week, and maybe more.

Again you writing is just amazing, and detail. I always look forward to reading your work.

Almeida Lucius™ said...

Miss my delicious poetic butterfly, what happiness to see that again and write with passion and all horny, that an african-American has in essence come back to comment on my blog, let us together make a poetic dialogue, I'll write a response "Mind Fuck My Affair", I hope you come here then let me vistar same poem, kisses brasieliro friends who admires and appreciates the !!! your writing

Almeida Lucius™ said...

To dream that you and leaves flavors, even away like I feel every drop in her wet pussy, congratulations dream come visit me too, I'll post on my blog that your poem, kisses !!!

Mentally in my dreams

Came from afar this poet with a fucking mental
And all the things that sex can and wants to fatal
Letting me penetrate pussy, animal am
In multiple movements milky joy within
Stuffing every part of the lips, and vagina in the center
Poet who holds me and wants special orgasm
My finger goes through your hips, tuck it anal
Moans and lascivious, thy lust is abdominal
Now put your mouth and suck my cock too
Because I want to leave all the milk in your amoral language
Together my mouth on your pussy drinking food
Maybe this is not only mental journey
Because I feel that the flavors behind me in the dream fuck

Almeida Lucius

to Poetic_Butterfly

Almeida Lucius said...

My delicious Poetess, I miss you, come and leave the link as just post your poetry, write more, so my wet mouth will kiss your body all in poems, have a beautiful day, the Brazil blow kisses in your pretty mouth! !!!

1ManView said...

Wishing you a happy and sexy new year..

peace and love