Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Mental Fuck Affair

My Mental Fuck Affair 
In my mind is simply a wonderful mental fuck affair between me and you
I imagine all the sexual things that I would want you to do
I picture you and I in a crazy sex escapade so damn great that my pussy seems unable to bare the sensations that it takes…
As I close my eyes….. I picture you being inside of me, that I get all creamy inside while thinking of you ….my PUSSY… oww…. ahhh! Weeeee! Ahhmm!
Hmmm… This pussy of mines is wildly open.. that while stroking this pussy lips of mine I get all in different motions..
I feel my fingers in and out going so intensely insane… I need it.. You.. Your DICK that fuckable hard Real shit..

I know its feenin for you and so am I , this kitty is on a mission of getting itself properly pleased up tonight with a variety of positions….
Yes, Shit, yes….  I can’t control it, it feels so fucking intense…  I want it
It’s time to put in work… get on top and ride… that DICK … Yess …baby shit!
Ahhhh! I know this wet pussy feels good to you.. owww… you trying to make me cum so soon hmmmmm owwwwwwwww…

But I gotta make you pay… by having you look me deep in the eyes and tell me how good is it ahhh hummmm…. You know it’s great
I tell you to keep fucking me … Oww baby don’t stop holding me… I play inside you …..while contracting my pussy muscles, controlling it… especially when I know you wanna CUM too.

But I won’t let you…  CUM yet… the tables about to get turned..I’m let this pussy ride YOU… till you can’t take it any more… better yet… make you cum first then I CUM next and then lick off my PUSSY juices off your dick..  It will simply be a nice FUCK attack ….hmmm I know you like that!

So I am now real deep inside of you , CUM for me, CUM for me, Cum for me,,,,, you finally stream out ALL your CUM too and I rush out to you…. Time to have all you’re CUM in my mouth …. Hmmm I know you enjoyed that…..  But I am not done yet… I am not drained out enough yet…MY TURN TO CUM….

Get that DICK ready for me to ride you….. to a point  of no control… OWW baby I am back on top… I tell you to hold my waist…OWWW you feel so FUCKING GOOD… pushing that dick so hard inside of me YES,YES! Baby, keep fucking me, fuck me, fuck me, damn…. I am bout to cum Yesssssssss! All on your dick… ah hmmm.Yessssssssss, Shittttttttttt! Whew.. Felt so good.. ( It’s Yum Time)
Time for me to lick my juices off your DICK, yum,slurp, yum slurp, lick … up and down…ummm yummmm.. I know I was a beast

But…Damn this was all just me mentally fucking you …. What a mental thought! I hope this becomes a reality too…. Hmmm till then we shall see then!  Cause now I’m currently Seeking to really FUCK with you! To be continued……. (Mentally in my Dreams)

By: Poetic_Butterfly

© C.P 06/2014

Friday, March 9, 2012



I think she’s a nymphomaniac always willing and ready to lay a body on their back. Down for some sexual loving anytime of the day morning, noon, night, and through every holiday.
She’s always “Getting it in” no matter what cums her way. She likes it rough, sometimes tough and long lasting; she makes it a must to always get rightfully fuck.
She’s what some like to call a Professional Body Pleaser, Dick Easer and Pussy Teaser. Sucking up the tastiest dicks, so she can reach the most sexual hits.
Always the one to have her tongue inside of a woman’s precious clit while tongue flicking it over and over again.
Loving how intense it can get.
Making it a must to get to certain body parts that involves finding a woman’s G-Spot.
She defines her skills as incredible, seducing anybody and truly making them all edible, so delectable and non-skeptical.
At night when everyone is asleep, all she does is dreams about her next opportunity which is to sample up a new pussy and dick.
Making sure she cums is all a part of what she loves to do, which is to get fuck till the sun comes up along with her too.
Never the one to leave anyone’s needs not met; she enjoys having her lover’s cumming back to back as a treat.  She enjoys teaching both men and women the art of “How to fuck a nympho’s body” indeed.
Always sexually in tune she’ll leave your body completely pleased. Memorize about all her insatiable ways, she constantly fantasizes about her many lays. Yet, most proud of being a self professed true nympho. She gladly accepts being “The one who’s already to attack” and eager to scratch that itch that you may got on track …. She’s a true definition of a global nymphomaniac.

By: Poetic_ Butterfly

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just Between Us

Just Between us

She was everything that I was looking for in a woman, confident, loving, sensual yet freaky, and physically well desired in all the right areas. Who knew the friendship that we’ve always shared for over five years would transpire into something way more. Tonight would be my fantasy come true, making love to the woman of my dreams. The interesting thing about it is that she’s my very best friend. But now turned lover, tonight we would meet up with each other at a special place to celebrate our sixth month anniversary. I wanted to make it as memorable as possible; since it is also Valentine’s Day. The mood was set from the music filled with tones of our favorite songs, to the scenery and aroma of the room.
 It was planned so that Veronica would be sent on this secret scavenger hunt; that would be from her current destination to the hotel. Once she’s was finally here, she would read the note that was left to the front desk that read “Well sexy, you’ve reach the destination and you’ll be in for quite the night, meet me in room 369”. Veronica was amused and overall excited as she took her hotel card key and headed straight to the elevator. “Ding (elevator noise) Floor one, two and then now three the elevator light buzz. Now she was on the floor ready to finally see Jasmine inside. Approaching the door, she put her hotel card key in and there, she laid her eyes on Jasmine dressed in a red see though baby doll lingerie set, it did her curvy body justice showcasing all those luscious curves. “Wow, Baby, you look so damn good” said Veronica. “Why, thank you, you know this is all for you my sweetness” said Jasmine. In the background played music from the R & B Group Silk’s Greatest Hits Album that flowed into the airwaves. Seduction with no interruptions was on the mind of both ladies. ”How you like your surprise baby? said Jasmine. “I am so loving it, thank you baby” replied Veronica.
 “Good, well baby this is just the beginning”. As Jasmine lead Veronica to the balcony to show her the beautiful view. Jasmine leaned in and gave Veronica a sweet yet passionate, kiss sliding traces of her tongue to her tongue.  “Let’s go inside and snack on some treats”. Jasmine had Veronica sit down on the chair next to the table of fruits and delightful treats. On the table laid a tasty platter of fruits that had strawberry, kiwi, grape, cherry, mango etc.  “Umm, let me feed you some mangos, I know you’ll love how it tastes in your mouth”. The left over juices from the mango were on Jasmine’s thigh. “Ow, let me get that for you”.  Veronica glided over into between Jasmine’s legs to spread her thighs apart. She then licked the remainder of the juices off of Jasmine’s thigh. “U-U-M-M this taste real good”, “I wonder if this will tastes better than having my tongue in between your twat”.
Sucking on her neck leading her straight to the bed, so that the real action could begin. She was now about to taste the sweetness from her lingering pussy. “Lay, back baby and play with your pussy for me.” Kissing each leg as she positioned herself lower to gave her baby some head. She was now indeed deep inside of Veronica’s aching pussy. She teased her clit a little bit, as she dive her tongue all inside her walls again and again. Loving the powerful intense feeling Veronica moaned delighted feelings of pleasure. “Ahh…Ahh  ... Ahh, Owe Shit! Yea, this feels …good”. Enjoying the various sounds Jasmine was making, she went deeper, she worked her tongue deeper, deeper and then forward. Licking, and sucking her clit away then leaning in more forward yet deeper. She tongue fucked Veronica pussy’s till; she couldn’t take the pleasure anymore. “Fuck, baby, s-h-i-t, s-h-i-t, shit, umm hmm, yesss! Baby, I’m cumming,” Not letting an ounce of her dripping juices lose go to waste, she suck and suck all of her until there wasn’t any more left.
Uh! Whew, even though Veronica’s pussy felt drained out. She knew she had to get Jasmine back. Next to the bed laid a bottle of honey, she pours some on both of breast and nipples. Then she proceeded to lick and suck both of Jasmine’s breasts; she shouted out soft and sweet moans. “Hump, Hmmm, Hmmm, Y-e-a, Y-e-a, right there”. You like that? Veronica asked.  “Yes, U-m-m-m Humph it’s good”. 
 “Now come here and sit your pussy down on my face” said Veronica.  The sweetness from the honey was still on her lips; as she had Jasmine’s pussy all in her face. “Hmm, you taste better than ever”. “This juicy ass edible pussy all in my face”. “Ride it, Ride it, Owe, Yea, Yea, Get it, Get it, right, right there”. Yea cum on my face, cum it. Veronica holds Jasmine soft ass as she continually fuck and rides her face and lips.  The more her tongue enters her walls the closer she came to cumming. “Oh my... Oh my shit… fuck, fuck, I’m C-U-M-M-I-N-G!” All of Jasmine’s sweet juices trailed around to Veronica mouth in which she gladly sucked it out.
Few hours went on and position after position was tried.  Where both ladies were now doing the tribbing positions also known as the scissor position as well, they would rub their pussies against each one another, humping their pussy and lips till, they would finally cum together in unison. Extremely pleased and laying in each other’s arms, they caressed and kiss until room service came with their late night meal. Enjoying the meal Veronica gazed into Jasmine eyes as she told her how she enjoyed the night. “Happy Valentine’s day, happy anniversary and best friends till the end,” “You mean so much to me and this night will always be memorable between you and me. This wonderful celebration of a night just between us. 
Written By:
Poetic Bee